A History of Hep

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A photograph of Roy Eldridge, Artie Shaw, Barney Kessel and Morris Rayman.

Hep Records was founded in 1974 by its present owner Alastair Robertson.

Mr. Hep Jazz

Mr. Hep Jazz planning world domination.

Metronome Series

His aim was to issue albums of well known jazz musicians and bands of the mid 1940's drawn from radio acetates and transcriptions.

1000 Series

The 1000 SERIES is a collectors label covering classic public domain performances of US, UK and European artistes. Featuring outstanding remastering work by Alan Bunting, John R.T. Davies, Ted Kendall, and Doug Pomeroy.

2000 Series

In 1978, the 2000 SERIES was established as a platform for modern/mainstream jazz artistes from UK, USA and Europe.

Since 2002 the global headquarters of Hep Records have been based in the magnificent setting of Highland Perthshire in Scotland. The technical department work out of the bar of the Moulin Inn which has become our spiritual home.

An image of a selection of Hep Jazz recordings.

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