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Teddy Wilson

(piano) 1912 - 1986

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Image of Hep CD1012 - Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - vol 1: Too Hot For Words


TEDDY WILSON & His Orchestra

"vol 1: Too Hot For Words"

First 20 titles with Billie Holiday from 1935.

Titles - I Wished On The Moon / What A Little Moonlight Can Do / Miss Brown To You / A Sunbonnet Blue / What a Night / I'm Painting The Town Red / It's Too Hot For Words / Sweet Lorraine / Every Now And Then / It Never Dawned On Me / Twenty-Four Hours A Day / Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town / Eeny Meeny Miny Mo / If You Were Mine / Liza / Rosetta - plus 4

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Teddy Wilson - "Miss Brown To You"

Image of Hep CD1014 - Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - Warmin' Up


TEDDY WILSON & His Orchestra

"vol 2: Warmin' Up"

Continuation of titles featuring Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Helen Ward from 1935-36.

Titles - Life Begins When You're In Love / (If I Had) Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes / Christopher Columbus / My Melancholy Baby / All My Life / I Found A Dream / On Treasure Island / Mary Had A Little Lamb / Too Good To Be True / Warmin' Up / Blues In C Sharp Minor / It's Like Reaching For The Moon / These Foolish Things / Why Do I Lie To Myself About You? / I Cried For You / Guess Who? / I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze / Breaking In A Pair Of New Shoes / You Came To My Rescue / Here's Love In Your Eyes.

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Teddy Wilson - "Life Begins When You're In Love"

Image of Hep CD1020 - Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - Of Thee I Swing


TEDDY WILSON & His Orchestra

"vol 3: Of Thee I Swing"

Continuation of titles from 1936-37 featuring Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman with Buck Clayton, Vido Musso, Lester Young and Ben Webster.

Titles - You Turned The Tables On Me / Sing, Baby Sing / Easy To Love / With Thee I Swing / The Way You Look Tonight / Who Loves You? / Pennies From Heaven / That's Life (I Guess) / Sailin' / I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby / I'm With You (Right Or Wrong) / Where The Lazy River Goes By / Tea For Two / I'll See You In My Dreams / He Ain't Got Rhythm / This Year's Kisses / Why Was I Born / I Must Have That Man / The Mood That I'm In / You Showed Me The Way.

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Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - "Easy To Love"

Image of Hep CD1029 - Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - Fine & Dandy


TEDDY WILSON & His Orchestra

"vol 4: Fine & Dandy"

Continuation of titles from 1937 featuring Billie Holiday and Helen Ward with Benny Goodman, Lester Young, Johnny Hodges, Buck Clayton, Harry James, Henry Allen and Cootie Williams.

Titles - Sentimental and Melancholy / This Is My Last Affair / Carelessly / How Could You? / Moanin' Low / Fine and Dandy / There's A Lull In My Life / It's Swell Of You / How Am I To Know? / I'm Comin' Virginia / Sun Flowers / Yours And Mine / I'll Get By / Mean To Me / Foolin' Myself / Easy Living / I'll Never Be The Same / I've Found A New Baby / You're My Desire / Remember Me? / The Hour Of Parting / Cocquette.

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Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - "There's A Lull In My Life"

Image of Hep CD1035 - Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - Blue Mood


TEDDY WILSON & His Orchestra

"vol 5: Blue Mood"

Continuation of titles featuring Billie Holiday, Lester Young and Buck Clayton from 1937-38.

Titles - Big Apple / You Can't Stop Me From Dreamin' / If I Had You / You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me / Ain't Misbehavin' / Ain't Misbehavin' / Just A Mood (Blue Mood) - Part 1 / Just A Mood (Blue Mood) - Part 2 / Honeysuckle Rose / Nice Work If You Can Get It / Things Are Looking Up / My Man / Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man / Don't Blame Me / Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea / My First Impression Of You / With A Smile & A Song / When You're Smiling / I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me / My First Impression Of You / When You're Smiling / I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me / If Dreams Come True.

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Teddy Wilson - "When You're Smiling"

Image of Hep CD1043 - Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - Moments Like This


TEDDY WILSON & His Orchestra

"vol 6: Moments Like This"

Conclusion of classic performances by the small groups of 1938 and 1939 with Chu Berry, Benny Carter, Roy Eldridge, Bud Freeman, Bobby Hackett, Billie Holiday, Harry James, Pee Wee Russell, Ben Webster, Nan Wynn and Lester Young.

Titles - Alone With You / Moments Like This / I Can't Face The Music / Don't Be That Way / If I Were You / You Go To My Head / I'll Dream Tonight / Jungle Love / Now It Can Be Told / Laugh And Call It Love / On The Bumpy Road To Love / A Tisket A Tasket / Everybody's Laughing / Here Is Tomorrow Again / Say It With A Kiss / April In My Heart / I'll Never Fail You / They Say / You're So Desirable / You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me / Hello, My Darling / Let's Dream In The Moonlight / What Shall I Say / Its Easy To Blame The Weather / More Than You Know / Sugar (That Sugar Baby Of Mine).

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Teddy Wilson - "Everybody's Laughing"

Image of Hep CD1064 - Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra - Jumpin' For Joy


TEDDY WILSON & His Orchestra

"vol 7: Jumpin' For Joy"

The short-lived 1939-40 Teddy Wilson Orchestra with arrangements by Edgar Sampson and Buster Harding. Soloists include Doc Cheatam, Ben Webster and Jake Wiley with vocals from Thelma Carpenter. Also contains four tracks by the small group with Helen Ward from 1940.

Titles - Jumpin' For Joy / Booly Ja Ja / The Man I Love / Exactly Like You / Love Grows On The White Oak Tree / This Is The Moment / Early Session Hop / Lady Of Mystery / Jumpin On The Blacks And Whites / Little Things That Mean So Much / Hallelujah / Some Other Spring / Wham (Re Bop Boom Bam) / Sweet Lorraine / Moonray / Liza / Crying My Soul Out For You / In The Mood / Cocoanut Grove / 71 / I Never Knew / Embraceable You / But Not For Me / Oh Lady Be Good.

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Teddy Wilson - "Jumpin' For Joy"

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