Image of Teddy Hill and His Orchestra.

Teddy Hill

(saxophone, clarinet, band leader) 1909 - 1978

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Image of Hep CD1033 - Teddy Hill - Uptown Rhapsody



"Uptown Rhapsody"

The Teddy Hill Orchestra recorded during 1936-37 in New York City with Roy Eldridge, Chu Berry, Dickie Wells, Russell Procope and Dizzy Gillespie.

Titles - Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie / Got Me Doin' Things / When The Robin Sings His Song Again / When Love Knocks At Your Heart / Uptown Rhapsody / At The Rug Cutters' Ball / Blue Rhythm Fantasy / Passionette / The Love Bug Will Bite You / Would You Like To Buy A Dream? / Big Boy Blue / Where Is The Sun? / The Harlem Twister / Marie / I Know Now / The Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed / The You And Me That Used To Be / A Study In Brown / Twilight In Turkey / China Boy / San Anton' / I'm Happy Darling, Dancing With You / Yours And Mine / I'm Feelin' Like A Million / King Porter's Stomp / Blue Rhythm Fantasy.

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Teddy Hill - "At The Rug Cutters' Ball"

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