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Red Nichols

(cornet) 1905 - 1965

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"Wail of the Winds"

Red Nichols and His Orchestra with Conn Humphreys, Hilton Brockman, Al Mastren, Heinie Beau, Harry Jaeger, Mike Bryan and Bill Darnell. Studio Performances recorded in New York City during 1939/40.

Titles - The Hour Of Parting / Our Love / You're So Desirable / The King Kong / I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak / Tears From My Inkwell / Sassin' The Boss / Poor Joulie Jean / Davenport Blues / Wail Of The Winds (Theme Song) / Hot Lips / The Parade Of The Pennies / It's 'Way Past My Dreaming Time / Address Unknown / Poor Butterfly / A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody / I Live Again (Because I'm In Love Again) / You're The Greatest Discovery (Since 1492) / My Melancholy Baby / Robins and Roses / Let Me Dream / She Shall Have Music / Overnight Hop / Lowland Blues / Meet Miss 8 Beat / Beat Me Daddy (Eight To The Bar).

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Red Nichols - "The Parade Of The Pennies"

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