New Friends of Rhythm

(group) 1939 - 1947

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"1939-47 Performances"

Collection of one of the most unusual groups in swing history, with players largely drawn from the NBC Symphony Ork with additions of Laura Newell on Harp and Buster Bailey on Clarinet. The arrangements of Alan Shulman "hepping up" the classics by Tchaikovsky, Bizet, Bach, Paganini, Mozart, Brahms, Schubert and Heifitz plus originals by Shulman, Hank D'Amico on the 1947 tracks. Extensive biography booklet with photos by Jay Shulman.

Titles - The Droschky Drag / When Johnny Comes Marching Home / Capriciousness No 24 / Barber's Hitch / Fable in Sable / Riffin' Raff / Yorkshire Pudding / CShoot the Schubert to me Hubert / Goulash / Foster Chile / High Voltage / Heavy Traffic on Canal Street / Mood in Question / Coo Dinny Coo / Sweet Sue / Sailor's Dance / Mood in Question / Southern Comfort / High Voltage / Night cap / Platter Chatter / Peter Ilych on Flying Trapeze / Capriciousness No 24 / Droschky Drag / Honeysuckle Rose / Barbers Hitch.

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New Friends of Rhythm - "The Droschky Drag"

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