Mary Ann McCall

(vocalist) 1919 - 1994

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Image of Hep CD76 - Mary Ann McCall - You're Mine, You



"You're Mine, You"

Mary Ann sang with the great bands of the late 30s and early 40s like Woody Herman and Charlie Barnet. Then in 1946 she rejoined Herman's band as a fully developed jazz stylist. She went on to record with Phil Moore in 1949 and many leading small groups including Artie Shaw in the 1950s.

Titles - Big Wig in the Wigwam / 720 in The Books / Busy As a Bee / Romance in the Dark / Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams / Swing Low Sweet Clarinet / Money is Honey / Big Butter and Egg Man / On Time / Trouble Is A Man / I Got it Bad / Detour Ahead / Jamaica Rhumba / More Than You Know / You're My Thrill / I Hadn't Anyone Till You / You're Mine You / I'm Yours / Nice Work if You Can get it / Sunday / There Must Be Something Better Than Love / Nothin' From Nothin' / I Cried For You / The Sky Is Crying / Until The Real Thing Comes Along.

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Mary Ann McCall - "There must be Something Better than Love"

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