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Joe Mooney

(Accordion, vocals, arranger) 1911-1975

Joe Mooney first gained national notice in the early thirties as one of The Sunshine Boys along with his brother Dan. Despite being blind, Joe developed into a sought after band and vocal group arranger. In particular he worked for Paul Whiteman, and also the Modernaires before they became part of the Glenn Miller entourage.

Partly due to Whiteman's encouragement Mooney had several groups featuring his uniquely intimate vocal styling but it was not until the post war era that he formed his classic quartet comprising guitarist Jack Hotop, John Frega on bass, Andy Fitzgerald on clarinet and himself on accordian and vocal. At first glance not a hot band but with Mooney's arrangements and attention to detail the group could perform the most adventurous chamber jazz.

The band opened in New York to universal praise and rave revues. A Decca contract was gained and fame and fortune seemed to beckon. Unfortunately outside of the big city it was almost impossible to find the sympathetic venues which were so necessary for their special sound and by 1948 it was all over.

Joe did make a brief comeback in New York in 1950, this time on Hammond Organ and with a young guitarist called Bucky Pizzarelli, but again it didn't take. As a footnote Bucky's son John now includes some of Mooney's material in his current repertoire.

In the mid fifties Joe made albums for Columbia and Atlantic which are now much sought after . He retired to Florida where he worked around the clubs. He died in 1975.

At the height of his fame Joe Mooney was admired by both Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett who frequently were in the audience appreciating his special talent. The two CD 63 and 65 cover the period of his greatest fame and include rare rehearsal and transcription performances.

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Image of Hep CD63 - Joe Mooney Quartet - Do you Long for Oolong?



"vol 1: Do you Long for Oolong?"

For a brief interlude from 1946-9 the Joe Mooney Quartet was one of the most innovative and stylish small groups on the American Jazz Scene and these two CDs show just why this was so. Studio recordings and also rare rehearsal performances and radio shots recorded during 1946-51.

Titles - Tea For Two / September Song / Just A Gigolo / Warm Kiss And A Cold Heart / I Can't Get Up The Nerve To Kiss You / Meet Me At No Special Place / Stars In My Eyes / Lazy Countryside / Shakey Breaks The Ice / I Never Knew / It Might As Well Be Spring / Perdido / From Monday on / Phantasmagoria / Little Orphan Annie / Have Another One, Not Me / Tea For Two / Shakey Breaks The Ice / Crazy She Calls Me / Long Ago Last Night / Nowhere / We'll Be Together Again.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £8.99

Joe Mooney - "Crazy She Calls Me"



"vol 2: Joe Breaks the Ice"


Titles - From Monday On / Nancy / A Man With a Million Dollars / Shakey Breaks the Ice / What More Can a Woman Do / Stars in My Eyes / Perdido / Cocquette / I Never Knew / They Say / September Song / Just A Gigolo / Wild Dog / I'll See You In my Dreams / The Moon is Low / The Girl of My Dreams / Love is the Thing.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £8.99

Joe Mooney - "Shakey Breaks the Ice"

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