Herb Geller playing sax in the recording studio.

Herb Geller

(Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Vocals) 1928 -

Herb Geller was born in Los Angeles on 2 November 1928. His first professional job was at an L.A. club called Mike Riley's Mad House in 1945. Thereafter he became part of veteran jazz fiddler Joe Venuti's band before finding himself in New York with the Claude Thornhill Band at a time when there was still an active jazz performing and recording scene. Here he met and married jazz pianist Lorraine Walsh.

Then it was back west to be part of the expanding "west coast jazz" school in and around Los Angeles composed of Shorty Rogers, Art Pepper, Chet Baker, and Shelley Manne. Geller also played in an early edition of Maynard Ferguson's Orchestra. He and his wife Lorraine co-led a successful quartet until her tragic early death in 1958. This was a personal watershed and he left for a period of revaluation in Brazil before finally setting sail for Europe.

In 1962 he worked for the Berlin Radio Orchestra before securing a permanent post with the NDR Orchestra in Hamburg where he remained for over twenty five years. Financially this was good but the confines of a radio orchestra do not always allow freedom of expression. He had meantime remarried and settled in Hamburg. In 1990 he made his first jazz combo album since leaving the United States. He retired from the NDR Orchestra in 1993 and was free to undertake tours back in the U.S., Europe and the UK.

In recent times he has recorded with some younger musicians in his adopted city Hamburg (I'll Be Back CD 2074) and also in the U.S. he has recorded for VSOP, Fresh Sound, and "The Al Cohn Songbook" (HEP CD 2066). During a short tour of the U.K. in 1998 he encountered the fabulous Scots pianist Brian Kellock and the following year in London recorded an album with Kellock entitled "The Hollywood Portraits" (HEP CD 2078). This was a suite of original music celebrating some of Hollywood's legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo.

As always Herb's playing combines the essence of Benny Carter's singing alto style plus the exciting departures originated by Charlie Parker. Herb is truly the last in the great tradition of jazz alto players who can also compose and whose knowledge of the structure of standards is second to none. There is more to come.

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Image of Hep CD2066 - Herb Geller - Plays The Al Cohn Songbook



"Plays The Al Cohn Songbook"

Studio recording made in Holywood during July 1994 with Tom Ranier, John Leitham, Paul Kreibich, and Ruth Price.

Titles - Mr. George / Danielle / Mr. Music / Halley's Comet / Pensive / The Fluegelbird / High On You / You 'n Me / Woody's Lament / El Cajon / The Underdog (Ah-Moore) / Tasty Pudding / 'Taint No Use / Infinity.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £14.99

Herb Geller - "Halley's Comet"

Image of Hep CD2074 - Herb Geller Quartet - I'll be Back



"I'll be Back"

With Ed Harris, Thomas Biller and Heinrich Kobberling from 1998.

Titles - Dream Dancing / You're Laughing At Me / I'll Be Back / A Handful Of Stars / Pension Party / Zingaro / A Bitter Dream / Mr. Bill / One Morning In May / Too Little Time.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £14.99

Herb Geller - "One Morning In May"

Image of Hep CD2078 - Herb Geller with Brian Kellock - Hollywood Portraits



"Hollywood Portraits"

A musical tribute to the great actresses of Hollywood recorded during 1999.

Titles - Carole Lombard / Marlene Dietrich / Rita Hayworth / Ginger Rogers / Audrey Hepburn / Claudette Colbert / Joan Crawford / Mae West / Judy Garland / Bette Davis / Judy Holliday / Gloria Swanson / Grace Kelly / Elinor Powell / Marilyn Monroe / Ingrid Bergman / Betty Grable / Vivien Leigh / Greta Garbo / Lana Turner.

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Geller & Kellock - "Betty Grable"

Image of Hep CD2084 - Herb Geller Quartet - To Benny and Johnny with Love



"To Benny and Johnny with Love"


Titles - Key Largo / Warm Valley / Morning Glory / Johnny Come Lately / Souvenir / Only Trust Your Heart / I Didn't Know About You / Dancers In Love / Isfahan / Twelve By Two Squatty Roo / Lonely Woman / When Lights Are Low / Lotus Eaters / Summer Serenade.

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Herb Geller - "Johnny Come Lately"

Image of Hep CD2089 - Herb Geller - Plays the Arthur Schwartz Song Book



"Herb Geller Plays the Arthur Schwartz Song Book"

New sparkling studio set from 2004/5 with some of the best melodies ever written for the American Theatre. Extensive and illuminating notes by Gene Lees.

Titles - Dancing In The Dark / Alone Together / I See Your Face Before me / Shine on My Shoes / Haunted Heart / By Myself / Come a Wandering With Me / You And The Night / How Sweet You Are / They're Either Too Young or Too Old / Gal In Calico / Thats Entertainment plus three.

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Herb Geller - "A Shine on my Shoes"

Image of Hep CD2092 - Herb Geller - At the Movies



"At the Movies"

New collection of Herb's favourite film themes with Don Friedman on piano and three of Europe's top rhythm players, Martin Wind, Martien Oster and Hans Braber.

Titles - Close Enough For Love / Taxi Driver / Marnie / Troubled Waters / Ding Dong the Witch is Dead / I Wish I Knew / Pawnbroker Theme / Emily / Call Me Irresponsible / Invitation / Laura / Odd Couple / Never Let Me Go / The Bad and the Beautiful.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £14.99

Herb Geller - "Close Enough for Love"

Image of Hep CD2096 - Herb Geller in concert with Charlie Mariano - Halle Opera House 2002



"Halle Opera House 2002"

With Thomas Biller and Burkhard Braune.

Titles - Night and Day / Deep in a Dream / Stella by Starlight / Handful of Stars / I Love You / Tickle Toe / Spring is Here / St. Louis Blues / The 9:20 Special.

Price includes postage & packaging per order: £14.99

Herb Geller - "Night and Day"

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