Image of l-r. George Dixon, Wallace Bishop, Earl Hines, Louis Taylor and Quinn Wilson at the Grand Terrace Cafe, Chicago, 1932.

Earl Hines

(piano) 28th December 1903 - 22nd April 1983

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Image of L-r. George Dixon, Earl Hines, Wallace Bishop, Omer Simeon, Jimmy Mundy at the Grand Terrace Cafe, Chicago, 1932. < Top
Image of Hep CD1003 - Earl Hines - Swingin' Down


Earl Hines

"Swingin' Down"

The early performances by one of the great innovatory leaders of the big band era. Recorded in New York City and Chicago during the years 1932-34. Featuring soloists: Billy Franklin, Walter Fuller, Darnell Howard, Omar Simeon and Trummy Young.

Titles - Deep Forest / Oh You Sweet Thing / Blue Drag / I Love You Because I Love You / I Love You Because I Love You / Sensational Mood / My One Ambition Is You / Rosetta / Rosetta / Why Must We Part? / Maybe I'm To Blame / Cavernism / Take It Easy / Harlem Lament / Bubbling Over / I Want A Lot Of Love / Just To Be In Caroline / We Found Romance / Blue / Madhouse / Julia / Darkness / You're The One Of My Dreams / Swingin' Down.

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Earl Hines - "Cavernism" (1933)

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