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David Allyn

(singer) 19th July 1919 - 21st November 2012

David Allyn, who died in November 2012 at the age of 93, was one in the line of great Italian American popular singers. He first came to attention with the Jack Teagarden Orchestra in 1941, saw WW2 active service in North Africa and was medically discharged in 1943.

His recovery from severe concussion took some time and then he sang with a number of New York based bands before joining the Boyd Raeburn Orchestra in 1945. This introduced him to the most advanced arrangements of George Handy and established his reputation as an accomplished singer. Throughout the late 40s he got into a number of unfortunate drug associations which harmed his career and only began to get back with recordings arranged by Johnny Richards in 1949. Then there were difficulties obtaining the cabaret card necessary for working in New York.

After some other legal problems leading to a prison sentence in the mid fifties he again began to build his career with brilliant albums arranged by Johnny Mandel and Bob Florence. But career damage never seemed to leave him and he suffered many disappointments, and he never achieved the success that should have been his.

This tribute collection shows what a superior artiste he was.

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David Allyn

"Where You At?"

A tribute collection to this popular Italian American singer covering the period from 1941-63. With accompaniment from the orchestras of Jack Teagarden, Boyd Raeburn, Lucky Thompson, Ike Carpenter, Johnny Richards, Bob Prince and Bob Florence.

Titles - Where You At (1946) / Blue Mist / Soft As Spring / This Is No Laughing Matter / I Don't Care Who Knows It / Forgetfull / Out Of This World / Black Night And Fog / Please Let Me Forget / Snowbound / Chinero / Sweet And Lovely / It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream / Deep In The Blues / Flamingo / It Never Entered My Mind / Wait Till You See Her / When Love Comes / It Can't Be Wrong / The Touch Of Your Lips / Did You Ever See A Dream Walking / I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me / Here's The Way It Is / Pleasant Dreams / Where You At (1963).

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David Allyn - "This Is No Laughing Matter" (1941)

David Allyn - "Forgetfull" (1946)

David Allyn - "When Love Comes" (1949)

Errata - David Allyn CD95

It would appear that there has been an error in the information supplied for the David Allyn CD95 "Where You At?" so please note the following correction.

Tom Talbert Ensemble should be Ray Still (oboe), Lenny Hartman (cor anglais), Harry Klee (flute, alt sx), Sam Sachelle (bs clt), Hy Mandel (br sx), Vince de Rosa (Fr hrn), Lucky Ennois and Allen Reuss(gtrs), Red Callender and Harry Babasin (bs), Erroll Garner (pno), and Jackie Mills (dms).

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