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Bobby Wellins

(saxophone) 1936 -

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Image of Hep CD2012 - Joe Temperley - Special Relationship



"Special Relationship"

The first seven tracks on this album were recorded during 1978 in New York with Jimmy Knepper and Joe Temperley joined by Derek Smith on piano, Michael Moore on bass and Billy Hart on drums. The remaining five tracks were recorded during 1980 in London with Jimmy Knepper and Bobby Wellins joined by Pete Jacobsen on piano, Dave Green on bass and Ron Parry on drums.

Titles - John's Bunch / Stella By Starlight / Just Friends / Yardbird Suite / Aristocracy (of Jean Laffitte) / Sophisticated Lady / Lester Leaps / Primrose Path / What Is There To Say? / Gnome On The Range / Round About Midnight / Latterday Saint.

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Bobby Wellins / Jimmy Knepper - "Round About Midnight"

Image of Hep CD2070 - The Bobby Wellins Quartet - Making Light Work



"Making Light Work"

Recorded at the ERCO Showroom, London on 1st October 1983. With Pete Jacobson, Kenny Baldock and Spike Wells.

Titles - Erco Makes Light Work / Visionaire / Bossa Oseris / Logotec Logarhythm / Track Sound / Downright Downlight / Take The A Train / Just Friends into I'm Beginning To See The Light.

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The Bobby Wellins Quartet - "Visionaire"

Image of Hep CD2097 - Bobby Wellins Quartet - Birds of Brazil



"Birds of Brazil"

Composed and arranged by Bobby Wellins with orchestration by Tony Coe and recorded in 1982. The Birds of Brazil movements performed by the Bobby Wellins Quartet joined by Kenny Wheeler, Chris Karan and the Delme String Quartet.

Titles - Birds of Brazil (1st Movement) / Birds of Brazil (2nd Movement) / Birds of Brazil (3rd Movement) / Angel Eyes / Moonray / Song For Keith / In Walked Bud.

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Bobby Wellins Quartet - "Angel Eyes"

Image of L-r. Dave Green, Jimmy Knepper, Alastair Robertson, Pete Jacobsen, Ron Parry, Bobby Wellins at Wave Studio, Twickenham on 19th November, 1980.

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